Design & Build Professionals

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Founded by professionals with backgrounds in real estate and construction, our expertise covers all aspects of both industries. 

We have a deep understanding of property valuation and the London market. This enables us to advise clients on construction decisions that will have the best impact on their property‚Äôs present and future worth. Our goal is to guide discerning clients as they develop their vision, and to achieve the results they desire. 

Vertigo has long-standing relationships with some of the biggest suppliers in Europe, providing our clients with access to an exclusive selection of products and materials. We have cultivated this network to include reputable suppliers who consistently work on time, within budget and are familiar with adapting to changes in the design process and client requirements. 

As the majority of our work is concentrated in Central London, we have an expert knowledge of the unique local housing and construction regulations, and know how to overcome challenges presented by demanding building management teams. We have an excellent reputation and relationship with some of the largest mansion blocks in Central London. Furthermore, as we employ our own labour force, Vertigo has in-house control over all facets of the construction process. This strategy enables us to efficiently manage schedules and monitor quality standards for each project, and deliver your project on time and within budget.


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