Our Story

An end-to-end residential property solutions company, Invergo Group specialises in Prime Central London real estate acquisition, construction and management. Over the years, we came to recognise a common need amongst our clients in this unique market, which is property renovation. In response, Vertigo was formed as a full service construction company, providing clients with reliable contractors, expert advice through consultations, project management and assistance at every stage of the process. Our real estate professionals guide clients in decisions that will increase the value of their property and bring their project from vision to realisation.



Our Approach

At Vertigo, our flexible approach allows us to take on projects at any stage of development. We ensure that our clients are supported by a well-rounded team to meet all their design and build needs. Our scope ranges from initial ideas in need of development, comprehensive designs that are ready for execution, and anything in between. Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager who is available to attend design meetings, offer advice on planning decisions, and assist the client at every step along the way. We actively manage the entire process for each of our clients according to their vision.


The Team


We are prime central London’s design and build experts. Our comprehensive team of experienced professionals offers a full range of services to meet any and every project requirement. At Vertigo, we are devoted to exceeding client expectations through quality, efficiency, versatility, flexibility and innovation. 



Managing Director

For Ahmad, working in property and construction is not only his passion, it’s in his blood. He was introduced to the world of construction management through his father’s work, which has been a successful name in Middle Eastern construction for more than 30 years. After spending 4 years in investment banking in the UK, Ahmad returned to the family business for a period before deciding to steer the course of entrepreneurship himself in 2012, hence the inception of Vertigo.

As a founding partner and the managing director, Ahmad leads the Vertigo team and oversees daily operational activities at all levels of the company. He has close professional and personal ties with European and Middle Eastern cultures and speaks fluent English and Arabic, enriching the development of strong and meaningful relationships with Vertigo’s broad client base. Born in the United Kingdom, he grew up in Saudi Arabia and received his Business Finance degree from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. Throughout his childhood, Ahmad regularly returned to the UK with his family, and has been settled in London since 2005.

When he’s not busy directing activities at Vertigo, Ahmad enjoys spending time with family and traveling to new places.



Director - Business Development

A founding partner of Vertigo, Emmanuel has been actively involved in the Prime Central London real estate market for more than a decade. He has extensive knowledge in property valuation, along with experience in guiding property developers and investors to achieve the maximum return on investment. The combination of these skills greatly contributes to his ability to offer expert advice to all types of clients.

Emmanuel speaks fluent French and English, and has established a wealth of strong client relationships through his presence in the property industry, contributing to Vertigo’s continual growth and development. Throughout the course of a project, Emmanuel remains as a point of contact between the client and Vertigo operations to provide consistent support and guidance.

When he’s not advising clients and coordinating business development, Emmanuel enjoys spending time with his family.

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Project Manager


Alex works directly with clients on all daily activities surrounding their project, including managing budgets and ensuring adherence to schedules. He oversees a panel of consultants, including engineers, architects and designers, to coordinate optimal solutions for Vertigo projects. Alex is responsible for guiding clients through the decision-making process, identifying and relaying to them the most favourable options and solutions available in terms of cost and time feasibility. He also oversees the coordination and fulfilment of large contracts. Alex skilfully coordinates the advancement of construction projects at every stage from inception to completion.

Alex was highly influenced into construction due to his father who owns a construction business abroad. From a young age Alex was working onsite on weekends and learning the ropes. With over 10 years of international construction experience, Alex has always focused on residential construction. 

When he’s not on a construction site or coordinating with his clients, Alex enjoys traveling, water sports and spending time with family. 



Project Manager

As a project manager, Antonio works with clients on day to day tasks, ensuring that their needs are met on time and in the most cost efficient methods. He manages a panel of consultants, including structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, architects and lighting engineers, to coordinate solutions for Vertigo projects. Antonio is responsible for facilitating the decision making process for clients, presenting them with available options and solutions, and offering them guidance in terms of cost and time feasibility. He also oversees the coordination and fulfillment of large contracts. Antonio works to optimise the construction process in all phases from beginning to end.

Antonio’s 30 years of experience in London construction comes from a life-long appreciation for buildings and architecture. One of his grandfathers was an accomplished carpenter and the other a skilled stone mason for historical Portuguese UNESCO sites, including a monastery and a convent. They taught Antonio to look up and admire the structures around him, which inspired his love for understanding the process and fabrication of buildings.

When he’s not overseeing construction projects, Antonio enjoys learning about science and attending lectures at the National Physics Laboratory with his children.



Senior Site Manager


Luis oversees the progression of all of Vertigo’s projects. Having mastered the skill of multitasking, he manages the entire scope of on-site labour and is responsible for ensuring that all materials and supplies arrive at their designated locations on time and that they are managed properly. Vertigo has a labour force of over 30 on-site workers who, along with the site foremen, report directly to Luis for daily activities. Working on site with property owners, he advises clients in their decisions and manages any change as they arise. Luis has an extensive overall knowledge of construction trades, including plumbing, electricity, tiling, structural work and joinery. His expertise in these disciplines has contributed to the development of Luis’s keen eye for detail and perfection, ensuring that each project he supervises is completed on time, within budget and to the highest standard.

A founding team member of Vertigo, Luis has nearly 30 years of experience in the property and construction industry, including buying, selling and renovating. A native to Portugal, he has lived in London for most of his life and speaks fluent Portuguese and English, as well as conversational Spanish and Italian. Luis has an appreciation for using his hands to create, and an admiration for classical architecture, which are his inspirations for building a career in construction.

When he’s not managing construction sites, Luis enjoys going going on holidays and is a food and car enthusiast. 


Andre Viljoen

Project Manager

As part of the project management team Andre works closely with highly skilled groups of architects, structural engineers, lighting designers, interior designers and many different trades to ensure that the clients expectations are fulfilled. He also facilitates the decision making process for the clients, presenting them with all available options and solutions, also offering them guidance in terms of cost and feasibility. The passion to turn unloved, dated buildings into beautiful homes has always been the driving force for Andre enabling him to    oversee the coordination and fulfillment of all sizes of projects, from small intimate projects to larger technically challenging projects.

Andre’s passion for design and construction was nurtured from a young age by working side by side with his father on home build projects. His experience has spanned over may years in many different sectors from television, to restaurants, designing and building his own home, through to digging basements and refurbishments.

When he is not involved with the daily bustle of managing projects Andre spends quality time with his family, traveling abroad, exploring the country side and enjoying a good movie.



Finance Manager

As Vertigo’s accounts manager, Claudette communicates with clients to provide them with updates to the financial status of their projects. She is responsible for monitoring and reporting project timescales and budgets throughout the construction process.

Claudette has over 30 years of experience working as an accountant and teaching accounting classes. A native Londoner, Claudette grew up in a family of professionals who work in various sectors of the property industry.

When she’s not looking after Vertigo accounts or teaching accounting, Claudette enjoys making jewellery and trying out new DIY projects.